April 7, 2011

Cat Looking For a Good Home

We have a beautiful, long-haired brown tabby, named Princess Caroline. She would be much happier in a home with an older couple or single person. She is only 6yrs old, spayed, uses the litter box, and will eat any kind of cat food. Our house has become too busy for her. We currently have five children ranging in ages 9yrs to 15yrs, a puppy, another cat, and a fish. Princess Caroline has decided that she wants nothing to do with anyone in the family except myself and my husband. She has banished herself to our room upstairs and only comes down to use the litterbox. I feel that she would be much happier with a quieter environment where she can get all of the attention. She would love nothing more than to sit in an adult's lap for hours while they watch television or read a book. If interested, please contact April Hill at 281-352-5392 or at aprilperryhill@hotmail.com . (FREE)