August 9, 2010

sitter needed

I have been tending two kids for the last two and 1/2 years. But we are about to have baby # 7, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, and I am ready to pass them on. I really like their family and the kids so I would like to find a good replacement for myself.

They have a girl age 5 that will be attending Garden Oaks Elementary School, she would need someone who can pick her up after school. Or if you live in Oak Forrest or Garden Oaks area I can pick her up and drop her off at your house. They have a boy age 2 and 1/2 they have been taking him to a mothers day out at my request so that I can have a few days off a week. You could probably have the same option, if you only wanted to tend him on Mon Wed and Fri. There is also after school care available for their 5 year old if you wanted to just tend the little boy. They are pretty tight financially so we have only been charging them $20.00 a day per kid and $10.00 for after school care. You might be able to ask more if it meant they could stay in a home and not put them back in a day care center. They are both cute kids the girl is shy and very well behaved the boy is a rough and tumble little two year old boy, who has pretty good manners when you insist on it. If you are interested in the job e-mail me or call 713-680-3355.
Emily Ward