August 18, 2010

still looking for a sitter

I have been taking a couple of children for the last two years. However I am going to have a baby in about 6 weeks and I'm looking for a long break.
I am looking for someone to take the girl (age 5) and her little brother (age 2 and 1/2). Their parents have been investigating the church and so I would really like them to keep their children with an LDS family. Their parents are really nice and easy to get along with. The girl is quiet and Shy, the boy is also relatively quiet, for a 2 year old.
If possible I would like someone to start next week. You would have the option of taking him to Mothers day out on Tus and Thursdays. She starts kindergarten and would just need after school care. If you live near Oak Forrest or Garden Oaks area then I can pick her up and bring her to your house after school. You would also have the option of only taking him, and they could put her in the after school YMCA program.
The pay is negotiable, We were charging $20.00 a day per child, and $10.00 for after school, However for good home care they would probably willing to pay a little more.
I know that day care centers are more in the rage of 30.00 a day and 15 for after school.
Also if you took them I would be willing to sub for you as needed.
If you are interested or just wanted to try the kids out for a day, or if you have any more questions give me a call 713-680-3355 or send me an e-mail
Emily Ward