October 9, 2012

Info Needed

After being away for 3.5 years, Olya and Forrest Yee are looking for:

1. academic pre-school in the area for a 4 y.o. Maxim - asap
2. children's classes for 3 and 4 y.o. kids: gymnastics, dance, ballet, swimming, piano, chess...
3. family dentists
4. babysitters who can drive and who can also spoon-feed 3 little kids at the same time 
5. family doctors who don't believe in fat-free and reduced fat diets :-) I love my butter and whole milk!
6. good places to eat out (many of the places we used to go to closed down :-(...)

Please e-mail your recommendations to olga.yee@gmail.com .

Thank you!