February 27, 2012

Friends of Scouting


As Hyrum and I were trying to decide how we could best show Brother Maddocks that we love and care for him and wanted him to get well soon, we thought it would be a great get well tribute to him if we encouraged everyone to donate to the Friends of Scouting Fund with your get well wishes cards to him!!

How fun to awake from surgery to find many get-well wishes with support for the cause you have been trying to promote.

If you won't be making it down to his house any time soon, we will be at church today. We'll try to get a hold of more friends of scouting donation folders.

If you put your donations inside an envelope with your card, we'd be happy to take it to his home for you, with all of our get well wishes.

Just an idea we had, so if you haven't made your friends of scouting donation yet, now is a great time!!