June 9, 2011

Feed the Missionaries!


Thank you to all of you that brought missionary picnic basket items! If you forgot, don't worry, I will be collecting them again next week! So if you can't sign up to feed missionaries in your home then please feel free to bring them some items for their pantry. I'll have a small basket in the RS room just as a reminder to bring your items but I will actually be collecting the items in the kitchen. Look for a labeled blue cooler!

If you are able to feed them in your home and you didn't see the calendar, then drop me an e-mail or give me a call at 713-680-3355 or emandhy@gmail.com . Put "missionary dinners" in your subject line!! We have 90 spaces to fill each month, and we have over 50 spaces left for June! You can also sign up for July!! Remember if you want to feed them every month, you can sign up for a re-occurring day to feed them each month.

Thanks for feeding the missionaries!