May 31, 2011

Missionary Meal Calender

RS Sisters, if you would like to be on the reoccurring event calendar for feeding missionaries, or if you should be on there and you don't see your name below, please call me or send me an e-mail at Please put subject line: missionary meals.

Reoccurring Event

NAME Missionaries Day

Gabby Penilla

Wes Harris South Second Tuesday

Jensen North Second Tuesday

Cordova’s North First Friday

Hackings Sisters Fast Sunday

ALSO...part of my job is to get missionaries into members homes and part of it is to put an ease on their tight budgets. Some of you have expressed a desire to feed the missionaries, but because of your schedule or for some other reason, you are not able to feed them in your home. So the next few weeks I am putting together a "Missionary Picnic Basket". Bring any picnic item with you to Relief Society and add it to the baskets.

Some suggested items include:

frozen rolls (yes, we'll have a frozen foods "basket"), pizza pockets, peanut butter, jam, honey, juice, cans of soup, frozen lasagna (or other dinners), granola bars, trail mix, home made treats or other desserts, chips, mac and cheese, canned fruit or veggies.

(Basically, non perishable or frozen food.)

Make it creative, make it fun, sign your name to your donation or don't! Thank you in advance for your help with this project!

Emily Ward