January 30, 2011

PARKdays - Brought to You By Jenna Nielsen

does anyone else dread m.o.n.d.a.y.s? spending them together would make them less dreadful! memorial park ward is happy to present:

5801 woodway drive
houston, tx 77057

the park is located on the same street as our church building on the corner of woodway and bering.

if it's too cold or if it's been raining...
memorial city mall castle
303 memorial city way
houston, tx 77024

the mall is located at I-10 and gessner. the castle is in the middle of the old navy, target, and sears entrances.

we will meet every m.o.n.d.a.y whether you receive an email or not. feel free to start an email chain to see who plans to attend. on days i decide to go to the mall i'll try to send out an email m.o.n.d.a.y morning, but lets be honest i'm not always reliable. text, call, email or decide for yourself what you'd prefer to do. i look forward to getting to know you all. oh and whether your baby can play or not, COME! PLAYdates are actually for moms!

-Jenna Nielsen