January 10, 2011


Something different for Movie Night
Tuesday, Jan. 11 - 8 p.m., at Thora Qaddumi's Home
219 W. 25th St.
In the Heights, off Yale, near 610 North
(The Yale exit is closed so exit at Shepherd)
Directed by Diane Crespt and Stefan Schaffer
Friendship Has No Religion
"Toulching and often hilarious, a must-see in this globalized world"
-- Alex Navissi, The Daily Texan
"A gem of a film, beautifully shot and perfectly cast."
-- Mary Glucksman, Filmmaker Magazine
Winner of several film festivals
"Rachel is an Orthodox Jew, and Nasira a Muslim of Syrian origin. They are both young teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. They also have something else in common -- they are going through the process of getting "arranged marriages" through their respective religious customs. With both family pressure on the one hand, and the rejection of traditional values by the outside world on the other, Rachel and Nasira will have to rely on each other and their friendship to pull through this difficult time of their lives, striving to be strong women in charge of their own happiness, while keeping their deep religious and cultural convictions."
Thora likes this movie so much that she talked Blockbuster into putting a rental copy on the sales table so she could buy it, and she has been wanting to share it. The experience of these young women can be appreciated by all who are living "in the world" but strive not to be "of the world."