October 24, 2009

need a haircut?

I found a salon Job!! Yeah!
The good news is they are closed Sundays, and they were willing to give me the hours I wanted.
So I'll be working on Saturdays at Hair Technike.
It's commission so I only get paid when I am actually doing hair.
So if ya'all wouldn't mind spreading the word, I need clientele, It's a full service salon.
Their prices start at $15.00 for cuts.
The phone # is (713)-957-4009 Just tell them you want to book an appointment with Emily.
Or you can call me directly 713-680-3355
If you need a reference ask Sister Ottosen I did her hair this week and she looks GREAT!
ANY ONE you know who needs their hair done I promise to do a good job!! Pass it on!