September 14, 2009

Restaurant Group

Hey Ladies!
This month would have been the month for another Relief Society Restaurant Group Dinner, but it seems like there are a TON of activities going on right now. So I just want to get your feedback on if anyone would like to still meet or not.
For those that are new to the ward, we meet every other month (usually on the 3rd Thursday) at a different restaurant to eat and chat.
I had originally scheduled a Vegetarian Southern Indian restaurant for this Thursday.
  1. Would anyone be interested in rescheduling for next Tuesday?
  2. If so, would you prefer Lunch or Dinner? (There is a lunchtime buffet for about $12 per person. Dinner entrees are about $9-$12...but it would be best to eat "family style" where we'd order several large dishes to share).
  3. Would you prefer a vegetarian Indian restaurant? Or a non-vegetarian? Or no preference?
Please let me know what you think! If there's not much interest, then we'll just cancel this month's dinner and meet again in November for Greek.
Julia Nuttall