August 4, 2009

Items for Sale

I am now back at work after my minor heart attack. Was off for over 2 months. Still sort of parttimey working up to full day.
I have a gas wall heater (lit 3 times); have the copper tubing also. I know it’s summer, but I can hope for that cool air.

Also have an Ashley Lane screen. Wood. Opens up to about 72 inches and is about 8 feet tall. I paid $399 for it and it does not work where I wanted to put it. New never been used. Will sell for $250. It is just beautiful and breaks my heart to get rid of it, but need bucks now because have not had a pay check in 2 months.

I think this is all I have for right now, maybe more things later. Have some depression wear, but have to look up the pattern. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Take care and have a nice day.

Helen Maeckel
Phone 713-627-8711

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