July 1, 2009

new RS email and blog

With the recent changes in Relief Society, we have set up a new email address where you can send information to be shared with the sisters in the ward. This new address is memorialparkRS@gmail.com. If you can, please add this email address to your contacts list. This is in an effort to prevent these messages from being labeled as spam and being blocked by the server, which is the problem currently preventing any emails from being sent. The more sisters who can do this, the better!

In the near future, we also plan to expand the role that our blog (memorialparksisters.blogspot.com) plays in our communication, with the goal being to lessen the volume of information that goes out by email. We will be adding a RS calendar, links to helpful files, new sister spotlights, etc. It will also provide a venue for the more casual information we like to share with each other (items to give away, job, service or event opportunities not sponsored by the church, etc.).

We hope these changes will help us as a Relief Society to communicate more efficiently.

The Relief Society Presidency

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