May 17, 2009

Parent Support Group Update

There will be no parent support group this Tuesday the 19th.
-- Due to a preschool graduation time conflict (that 1/2 our group is involved in) we will be pushing parent support group ahead to the next Tuesday the 26th at 8:00PM. (sorry to the other 1/2 of you!)

Also If you would be interested in a short twice a week "tip of the day" like the following:

"If you want to build loving, cooperative, responsible children then by all means build it in. Find every opportunity to catch them being good and let them know it. (1001 Natural and Logical Consequences).

And others like this one, send me your e-mail address and I'll add it to my parent support group list. If you have any good tips you would like to share send them my way! You don't even have to go to the group meetings to get the tip of the day!

Emily Ward

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