January 1, 2008

Blog and Email Guidelines

This blog is a place where we can share information with each other in a format available to each of us at our own convenience. You can check it as frequently or infrequently as you want – whatever works for you!

Going forward, we plan to reserve the email list for timely information relating directly to Relief Society as a church organization, such as lesson reminders and Enrichment announcements. Most information that goes out by email will also be posted to the blog, but much of the information on the blog will not also be sent out by email.

Emailed requests will, as appropriate, be passed on to everyone or posted to the blog at least once a week — usually on Tuesdays.

The type of items available on the blog will include an events calendar, directory, new sister spotlights and other announcements. It will also be a place for sharing service opportunities, items available to those who might need them, job leads etc.

We hope this arrangement will be a benefit to us as a Relief Society community.